Pappomisia squalium

Also known as Springbrush or Doombane

It were in vain to describe a plant so commonly known in every one’s garden; therefore I shall not tell you what they are, but what they are good for.

It grows usually in bogs and wet places, and sometimes in moist woods.

Purple-bordered diadem butterflies and such like are an usual visitor to Springbrush.

It blooms in the end of December, or beginning of January, for the most part, and the fruit is ripe in March.

Thor owns it. The country people in divers places do use to bruise the leaves of Sopewort, and lay it to their fingers, hands or legs, when they are cut, to heal them up again. Some make great boast thereof, that it is diuretical to provoke urine, and thereby to expel gravel and the stone in the reins or kidneys, and do also account it singularly good to void hydropical waters: and they no less extol it to perform an absolute cure in the French pox, more than either sarsaparilla, guiacum, or China can do; which, how true it is, I leave others to judge.

Catalogued 30th September 2019.

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