ABC format archive


  • Any mid-song tempo, time signature, default note length or key changes need to be on a new line
  • All headers must start on a new line
  • The song notes must have the key header immediately before them
  • The song must have a title
  • Multiple songs can be added if separated by X headers
  • If not specified, a tempo of 120, time signature of 4/4, default note length of 1/4 and song key of F is assumed
  • Currently only major and minor scales are supported (althogh individual notes can be modified with ^ _ and =)
  • maximum note length = 12 seconds


  • volume dynamics
  • repeats
  • duplets/broken rhythms/irish rolls
  • chords
  • slurs
  • double sharps or double flats
X:1 T:Brandywine Bridge C:Composer: N:Remarks: Q:1/4=120 V:1 M:4/4 L:1/8 K:F e3 f ed c2 |B2 d2 c3 z |GB c2 BG F2 |D2 EF G2 G2 z2 cd cd e2 |c2 f2 ed c2 |z2 fe c2 fe |f g3 g4 |]
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