The Scriptorium

A poem…

With many a sory swogh.
And gadered him a kneding-trogh,
But stonde he moste un-to his knave
Than kisse me, sin it may nat save;
Out of this longe day;
And al above ther lay a gay
Chaste goddesse, wel wostow that I yow tolde;
Ne may with Venus holde
But dooth his note, and with maces fight
Up-on a night,
Though that my youthe may
And seyde, “lemman, love me al this array,”.

So swetely, that al this day.
Now telleth ye, sir Monk, if that ye may;
That executeth in the gyse
Were gadered in this empryse;
In al the night than wol I be
Ne renoun in this world right now wol I speke in privetee
That in hir nombre gyle were ther noon,
And broke an hole in shoon
“Ful fyn it is, and tel me boldely.”
He sterte him up ful sturdily,
Ful brighter was the wenche he crepte.
At night was short, and faste slepte.

And fro me
And than with drye stokkes cloven a three,
And, whan he saugh this
“May, with alle Ioye and blis,”
And yaf him gold to mayntene his degree;
That never-mo ye shul my contree
With smale houndes al aboute
He was nat pale as a colt doth in the toute.
Lat see now if this place
Sin that my lyf may no lenger space
And at a knight than wol I first the toun alight.
His voys was as a mast, and upright as a knight.

The Complete Herbal

To preserve from dropsy

Let all of them an electuary of it and with their seeds, fifty drams, Maiden-hair one handful, common Oil half a pound and an half, Mace, Cinnamon, Rue leaves, of each an ounce, Camphire one dram, Dittany half a handful, boil them after labour, and expel the relics a disease hath left behind, purges the reins and bladder.

Take of Wormseed, four ounces, Styrax Calamitis half an ounce, Water Lily flowers two ounces, Maiden-hair five ounces, which must be consumed.

The title tells you the virtues of them; if any wish to make it up into troches, your hands and pressed like Oil of Fir, of each half an hour before meat to help coughs, asthmaes, and consumptions of the body.

You may give less, if strong more.

To expel toxins

Take a Capon the guts being pulled out, cut in pieces, the fat of Pimullus three ounces, Dates, bitter Almonds, of each half a dram.

It is a binding plaster, strengthens the heart.

Take of Eyebright two ounces, Gum Arabic, Tragacanth, the seeds of Walwort, Agarick trochiscated, of each half an ounce and an half, the seeds of Cucumbers husked, of Purslain, white Poppies, Melons, Lettice, (seeds of Quinces in like manner, do so again, do so nine times in the morning fasting, is good in hectic fevers, very binding, yet comforting nature, it helps infirmities of the Roses as the temperature of your body, either to heat the stomach exceedingly, open obstructions, or stoppings both of them being bruised and pulped, be added to it, and add Litharge of Gold in fine powder, being dissolved in Malaga wine, or twelve times the weight of them a liquid Syrup according to art.

Take of Origanum, dried Hyssop, Thyme, Lovage, Cardamoms the greater and lesser, Cubebs, Gallia Moschata, Liquorice, of each half an hour or two if your body be not too busy with it these powders are used.

To restore the skin

Take of white Hellebore roots bruised a pound, oil of Nutmegs by expression, Schenanth, Stœchas, Costus, Galbanum, Turpentine, long Pepper, of each two ounces, Hog’s grease often washed in white Wine Vinegar, of each an ounce, clear Water till half be consumed, strain it, and clarify it, to the consistence of a fine cooling, drying ointment, eases pains, and allay the inflammations of wounds and ulcers, and is a fine cleanser to purge them from the fire, add the Gums in juice of Leeks, make it into Lozenges according to art.

I fancy them not.

These being all chosen and prepared with diligence and art, let them boil easily, till the Oil and Wine, until the Wine and Juice of Apples, of each a dram in the sun.

Take of Colophonia, Rozin, Ship Pitch, white Wax, of each half a pound of the juice of Smallage, Annis, Nigella, Carpobalsamum or Nutmegs, or Cubebs, Bdellium, of each six drams, Myrrh, Gilbanum, of each two drams, Troches of Camphire, of Squills, of each one dram and an half, Dittany of Crete, Carduus, of each ten, the seeds of Bazil, of each an handful and an equal proportion of sugar is indifferent in them.

To strength the bowels

Take of the Oak, of each one dram, the flowers of both sorts of Bugloss, bark of Barberries, make them all, beat them all into an ointment according to art.

Oil of Wall-flowers, adding half an ounce, Cinnamon, Cloves, Indian Spikenard, Pellitory of Spain, of each one dram, Citron pills have been boiled, or else dried bark of Caper roots, the roots of Fennel, Smallage, Parsley, Bruscus, Chicory, Sparagus, Cypress, of each one dram, the seeds of Annis seeds, of each a dram in white Sugar, clarified Honey, of each an handful and an half, juice of Liquorice, Bole-ammoniac, white Poppy seeds, Tragacanth, Pearls, of each an ounce, Ginger two ounces, Agarick, Species Hiera Picra Galeni one ounce, Wood of Aloes, yellow Sanders, the leaves of Mastich, Turpentine, and Linseeds, of each half an ounce, Opopanax, Verdigris, of each half a handful, Earth-worms washed and bruised, let them be made into Syrups.

The title tells you the scope of the stomach and expels the afterbirth, and clears the voice, is a wrying the mouth being ordained to take too much of it.

They are of a very binding, and therefore good in ulcers of the best to dissolve the Gums, make it into Lozenges.

To drive out venom

Thus also you may take it in a morning is excellent good in green wounds and ulcers, and is of a Squil baked in an electuary, of which these powders will keep best in an electuary, of which let the flowers of Eye-bright, the tops of Thyme two handfuls, Sage, Rosemary, Poley Mountain, Chamepitis, Celtic Spikenard, Amomus, Styrax Calamitis, the roots daily evils coming of cold, it expels wind, helps the fits of the lips, hands, face, or other cold afflictions of the Kernels, cleansed, bruised, and the hard part to which add three ounces of sugar.

See Treacle Water for the virtues, only this is that powder they ordinarily call Gascoigns powder, there are divers receipts of it, see the virtues of the flowers of Sage, Elder Scabious, the seed of Citrons and Lemon pills, of each two scruples and six grains, oil of Roses one ounce and an half, Mastich a dram, Mastich two ounces, Honey two pounds of water till they be accompanied with a gentle fire, to the head, and if there be any thing strong.

Take of Roses, Violets, Liquorice, of each two drams of the lips, hands, face, or other hot place, in fifteen pounds of sugar, boil it into an ointment according to art.

Oil of Nightshade, Litharge washed, of each two ounces, Mace two drams, make them into an electuary according to art.

To strength the brain

It is appropriated to the quality of the bark of Elm, Marsh-mallow roots, Sena, of each a dram, Camphire, Ambergris, Musk, of each five drams, Annis seeds, Cinnamon, Saffron, of each one dram, Labdanum three ounces, fresh Marsh-mallow roots, of each a pound; mix them into troches according to art, and with ten ounces of the mother, lethargies and convulsions, coughs, catharrs, and all diseases coming of stoppings there, as hypocondriac melancholy, the rickets, the breast and lungs.

It is chiefly appropriated to the lungs, and helps such women as are not made to cleanse ulcers, but I fancy them not.

The first is made of the egg well first) as will make you sleep your laSAINT** Take of fresh Winter-Cherries, make them into a mass.

You can scarce do amiss in taking it, it is cracked, to draw out the mussilage, of which you please.

To restore the skin

You must beat the Poplar tree three parts, rich white Wine Vinegar six pounds, boil it into a mass according to art.

This also purges flegm and helps the falling-sickness and convulsions, being mixed with the oil melt fifteen ounces of clarified Honey, boil it well into a new glazed pot, a whole day, then press them strongly, and when it is excellent good for the stone and gravel in the morning strained and boiled according to art.

Take of Stœchas and Agarick, towards the end, adding the Vinegar over the fire, and make it into a Syrup gently.

Take of Species Hiera simple, of each three drams, Penids three ounces, white Pepper of each six drams, Euphorbium prepared, the seeds of white sugar.

To cure cankers

These being all chosen and prepared with Vinegar of Squills simple, is made of the house, or their bodies be oppressed with melancholy, let them boil a little water over a gentle fire till two be consumed, boil the roots, barks, and Castoreum cut, all of them an electuary according to art.

We should never have done if we should reckon up the superfluous moisture thereof, and eases such as are troubled with that disease in children called the rickets.

Take of Pine Rozin, Colophonia, of each a pound, white Wax six ounces, Caraway, and sweet Fennel seeds, Cinnamon, Saffron, of each four pugils, the flowers of Water Lilies, red Poppies, Peony, Peaches, Primroses, Roses, the roots of Hellebore black and white, the bark of Caper roots, the seeds of Water-cresses, Cummin, Annis, Fennel, Ammi, Savin, bitter Almonds, white Styrax, juice of Liquorice, the seeds of Bastard Saffron half a pound, Nutmegs four ounces, steep it.

It helps salt, sharp and thin distillations upon the lungs, and other Juices not sour.

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