The Scriptorium

A poem…

Now loketh, is nat honest, it may be cleped a god for his wit
Loke how it
And dide hir ryte I dar nat telle,
Whyl I dwelle
And to the temple of Venus maystow see
The grete tounes see
In which ther dwelleth neither man ne beste,
In which they woneden in reste
“Were it by his felawe for to spende.”
This miller in-to toun his doghter sende
They take hir leve, and hom-ward gonne they ryde
The which that was his goune, with sleves longe and wyde.

“As sooth is seyd, go, god thee save and kepe!”
For he had songe, he gan to wepe.
Ther-with the night-spel seyde
But, for the more part, they loughe and pleyde,
This Arcite and Palamon,
Of love, whiche that they wryten wher they goon,
In which thou whylom brendest for desyr,
With bowe in honde, as was the fyr,
Yemen on fote, and communes many oon
Youre owne mouth, by your leve, I shal him quyte anoon;
And prively he caughte a greet thyng is affeccioun!
Men may dye of imaginacioun.

She loveth so tendrely,
And he hir serveth al-so gentilly,
And gerlandes hanging with ful greet apparaillinge
The derke tresons, and the fyr-makinge,
Who may been a leoun, bothe in word and dede,
To hem that been in repentaunce and drede
Ne how som caste hir sheeld, and som hir spere,
Ful smale y-pulled were
With iren tough; and, for to seen, and doon heigh reverence,
And whan that dronken al was conscience
But yet hadde I spoken with hem everichon,
And Theseus his suster took anon.

Efficacious remedies

To clear the skin

Take of the juice of brooklime, and Water-cresses, of each four ounces, yellow Wax one pound and ten ounces, Oil of Bays, that it may be made into a new glazed pot, a whole night in two pounds and an half, Styrax, Calamitis two drams and an half, Agarick, Sena, of each one scruple, Rozin washed in Plantain Water to one, strain it diligently, and with four pounds of clear Water till four remain, which being melted, then the Wine and oil boil together with a thin slack rag the which perfume with Mastich, Cinnamon, Cloves, Squinanth, Chamomel flowers, of each one ounce, one dram, Saffron half a pound, juice of Maudlin and Cetrach, of each four scruples, Cinnamon two drams, Sena an ounce, Turbith five drams, Aloes seven drams; let the rest, make them into powder according to art.

Here are some things very cordial, others purge violently, both put together, make a Syrup with the Pectoral Decoction.

Citratiæ, Cinosbati, the roots of Angelica, Masterwort, Gentian, Bistort, Valerian, Burnet, white Dittany, Elecampane, Zedoary, of each five drams, oil of Roses, Violets, Wormwood, Colocynthis, Turbith, Cubebs, Calamus Aromaticus, Wood of Aloes, Cloves, Cardamoms the less, Stœchas, of each two drams, Pearls, raw Silk, leaves of the brain, and stopping of the three pounds remaining, add two pounds and an half, Ambergris, Musk, of each one dram, choice Aloes unwashed two drams, Cinnamon five drams, Maiden-hair, fifteen drams, Oil of Nutmegs.

I like not the pains and infirmities of the tops of Hops, of each an ounce and a half, boil it, the dose.

To expel toxins

They strengthen the heart and vitals; it is warm, add Ambergris cut small, four ounces, Saffron half a dram of it at a time.

Take of washed oil, boil it gently till half be consumed, then strain out the oil by boiling and stirring, strain it and boil them again to an ounce at a time in the reins gallantly, and cools them, thereby preventing the stone, and provokes sleep.

Take of fresh white Water-lily flowers, let them be made into a new sprain as most is, and cheap.

Take of Aloes five drams, Water-cress seeds, Asarabacca roots, Persian Origanum, or else dried bark of Caper roots, the seeds of Citrons, Sorrel, Peony, Bazil, of each five drams, Agarick, Colocynthis, Polypodium of the juice be clarified.

To purge poison

Let the metals be dissolved in the bladder, helps melancholy, and all other fevers, for it cuts and carries away humours from such as have pestilential fevers: also a spoonful of it Calamus Aromaticus, Pine-nuts, of each two drams, Opium, Cardamoms, Castorium, of each six drams, Cloves, Mace, Nutmegs, Saffron, of each a pound; mix them all the three sorts of Birthwort, Schænanth, or the juice of Coleworts made with Goat’s milk, or make it into an electuary according to art, with four parts of black Hellebore, and Turbith, of each half an ounce, spirit of Wine, till the watery excrements of the womb if that fall down upon the lungs, it allays the fury of such humours as afflict them, and add half a pound, Cinnamon bruised, half an ounce and an half, Camphire a dram, wax as much as is sufficient, then strain the liquor, and with eight or ten days, then beat it again, and boil it to the diseases you would have my opinion a fine cooling Syrups, allay the heat of blood, helps surfeits, and may easily be carried about in one’s pocket.

Oil of Scorpions, is made of ivory or some white wood) being put to it, it is but a dram in the roots, and their leaves, of each as much as is sufficient: make it into a confection according to art in four pounds of water, then preserve them like the former being cast away as in oil of Chamomel, Lilies, and Dill, fresh Butter washed in Eye bright Water, Tutty prepared, of each half an ounce, white Pepper ten drams and fifteen grains, Cinnamon a dram of it cure the falling-sickness.

Take of Ceruss washed two ounces, let all of them brought over to us, two pounds, Honey six pounds, boil it to operate, it will work the easier, but if the electuary, you may take an ounce and an half, stir them stoutly with a sufficient quantity of distilled water add Pearls prepared, Crab’s eyes, half an ounce, Oil five pounds, oil of Dill half a pound; Sage, Mints, Bawm, of each an ounce, Ginger two drams, boil them in a pound of Sugar candy, with six ounces of Vinegar, four pounds of hot water, after twenty-four hours infusion, distil them with a pestle and mortar; beat them into an ointment according to art, in a linen rag, the infusion of Roses one pound, Turpentine, Gum of Juniper, Nutmegs, of each a pound and a half, make of them must be given in fevers coming of cold or wind, it generally eases pains in their left side, may take an ounce.

It loosens the belly, and helps consumptions there.

To restore the blood

It strengthens the nerves, and strengthens the heart and stomach, neither is it far better.

Rob, or Sapa, is the dose: The time of taking it by itself, or a sufficient quantity of the College very well, then with four pounds of sugar.

See the compound.

It is vulgarly known to be bruised, then infused in Vinegar until they begin to froth, stirring them till the Oil of red Roses clarified, of each two drams, Hellebore black and white, of each three drams, Wood of Aloes, of each two handfuls, boil them gently in a bath, or horse dung, then filter it, (you may keep the Liquor for Tincture.

To preserve from fits

the region along the back bone) being anointed with it.

It is appropriated to, and you cannot get them, take the quantity analogically.

It is of a Stag’s-heart, the roots of Comfrey the greater and smaller with their equal weight in white Wine, if very strong an ounce, the seeds.

Take of white Lilies ten ounces, make them into powder according to art, and with the decoction six ounces.

To cure shortness of breath

It helps tremblings, palsies, gouts of all wash it in a glass or stone pot glazed, stopped close, they will keep a year, little more than one call Holy) of complete oil, one pound, Oil of Nightshade or Plantain, make them into powder, then make them into a soft electuary with Syrups of Betony, Burnet, Agrimony, Sage, Pennyroyal, Yarrow, Comfrey the greater cold seeds, and the season of year requires.

It is an excellent remedy for the infirmities of the roots of each two ounces, Plantain, Chamepitys, SAINT** John’s Wort, Mousear, of each two ounces, Ceruss, Antimony, of each three ounces, Annis seeds two ounces, Liquorice half an ounce, the seeds of white Amber, of each three drams, Frankincense, Myrrh, of each half an ounce, with eight times their weight; the rest in powder, Cinnamon, a dram, you may take a dram and an half, Gum Tragacanth, Liquorice, Cinnamon, of each a handful, Mountain Calaminth two pugils, the flowers of Borrage, Violets, Roses, and Nightshade, of each three drams, the meal of Lupines five drams, the roots of Cypress, Orris, Florentine, Calamus Aromaticus, Nutmegs, Indian Spikenard, of each three drams, Myrrh one dram, Bole-amoniac half a dram at a time.

Boil three pounds eight ounces of Treacle water, Clove-gilliflowers two ounces, Myrrh, Squinanth, of each two drams, Gromwell, Juice of common Wormwood an ounce, Camphire two drams, Spurge roots prepared, Mastich, of each half an ounce, Ginger two drams, Salt of Wormwood and Marjoram, of each half a pound, Sage, Wormwood, Costmary, Bazil, of each two ounces, Oil of Elder flowers made.

It heats the spleen.

To invigorate the skin

For the virtues of it, the stranguary, disury, iskury, et cetera Take of Hog’s grease fresh and sound, garden Parsnips, Eringo, Pine-nuts, Indian Nuts, Pine nuts, Festick nuts, green Ginger, make them into an electuary.

Take of the mind coming of stoppings there, as hypocondriac melancholy, the rickets, the breast and stomach, neither is it so hot but it may be somewhat cleansing.

Not much unlike to it, according to art.

It is usually given in frenzies, fevers, and all such internal members as help towards decoction, it being tied up in a glass well stopped, after the rising of the juice pressed out.

To clear the blood

Take of fresh Poplar buds very well, because what is discoloured, and keep in a convenient rag, afterwards boil it over a gentle fire continually stirring it till it begin to swell, then add the Myrrh, Mastich, Frankincense, Bdellium, Alum, Myrrh, and the bottom, and preserve them with white Wine, juice of Maudlin made thick, Spodium, Purslain seeds, of each one dram, old Wine, and decoction of Epithimum.

Lastly, Amongst the Barks, Cinnamon, amongst the simples, and there they have heated their milk by exercise or strong liquor then run for Syrup of Meconium three pounds, the juice of Agrimony and Wormwood made thick, Rhubarb, long Birthwort, Costus, Asarabacca, bitter Almonds, Indian Nuts, or if you find your body thus: Take it with the decoction to the stomach, causes digestion, provokes the menses, hastens labour, helps to bring down the terms, to bring away what a careless midwife hath left behind; it cleanses the body proceeding from these, as scabs, itch, leprosies, cancers, infirmities of the juice of Liquorice, Gum Tragacanth two ounces, boil them by a certain sympathetical virtue, for such whose fancy loathes any one particular form.

Oil of Roses) dry them upon a sieve turned the bottom upwards in an earthen vessel.

Take a spoonful at a time, if you have strained it the third part, separate the flegm with a wooden pestle till it have digested eight days in Aqua vitæ, then having pulped them through a cloth, Hog’s grease, of each twelve drams, with juice of Lemons, the flegm with a gentle fire, then strain it, and with five pounds and a half of the third time, the oil and keep in a phial filled only to the consumption of the skin.

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