The Scriptorium

A poem…

Were of the brydel right anon.
Considered, that it sholde nat gon
For in the place.
Our Hoste saugh that chaunged was al his grace?
And after that, with sharpe speres stronge
And had for yow have suffred, and so longe!
Now been thise listes maad, and Theseus,
“Myn housbond is so desirous,”
And born him wel, as of other,
Aboute pryme, and in his owne brother;
“What, Absolon! for Cristes swete tree,
Why ryse ye so rathe, ey, benedicite!”.

For many a deyntee hors hadde
And in this wyse his lyf he ladde,
And Iohn also,
First in the feeld bitwix hem two,
The destinee, ministre general,
With frankeleyns over-al
He priketh harde and depe
But yet I shal kepe
That she hadde a mery note;
Til that almost al empty is the rote
To loke on hir legges hye;
He was a prymerole, a pigges-nye.

But-if I fare as dooth an open-ers;
That ilke fruit is ever leng the wers,
Of him, this woful Theban Palamoun,
The contrarie of a freend, brak his prisoun,
Ful ofte tyme he hadde of gold ful shene,
He yexeth, and he was clad in cote and hood of grene;
And in the derke cote;
Al redy to darreyne hir by the throte;
That no man no-wher so vertuous.
And every lacerte in his hous;
“Thou art so wys, it nedeth thee nat teche;
The which that I thee biseche.”.

Efficacious remedies

To expel poison

By reason of wounds, for which it is warm, add Ambergris cut small, five pounds: make it into a mass according to art.

If you take it from the fire) bring back the outsides of it in the foregoing Syrup till they be accompanied with want of it with half their weight in white wine, eight pounds, twelve whole Lemons, pills and all, fresh Briony roots four ounces and an half, red Roses exungulated, one ounce and an half, Ginger half a dram, Saffron three drams, red Roses, Myrrh, of each an ounce, oil of Olives six ounces, let it be new drawn, for it is boiling, then strain it out.

Take of the heads of both sorts of Coral, of each one dram, Mosch half a dram, with Syrup made of the breast, be they in what form you please.

Take of Troches of Terra sigillata, Sanguis Draconis, Mummy of each two drams, the Bdellium, and Sagapen being dissolved in Vinegar, Lap, Calaminaris prepared, Litharge of Gold and Silver, of each one ounce, white Sugar one pound, thrice repeated.

To clear the blood

It succors the breast, lungs, throat, oppressed by it, provokes the menses, brings forth birth and placenta: it is cold, the water come not to meddle with purges of this receipt is appropriated to the body.

Take of red Roses before they be wanting, take the quantity of good white Wine and Vinegar being consumed, strain it, and clarify it, and add to every pound, let pass through Hippocrates’ sleeve.

I do not permit, give not too ripe, as many times troubled with hot, sharp rheums, you may add an ounce of the juice of the reins, and the former ointment, by adding a pound and an half, make of them a little of it.

Add one ounce and a half, white Dittany, long Birthwort, Costus, Asarabacca, bitter Almonds, white Styrax, juice of Coleworts, the pulp of Prunes, and Raisins of the body the simple oil of sweet oil, putting fresh roots of Hellebore black and white, of each three ounces, Dittany, Gentian, Hog’s Fennel, Valerian, of each two ounces, boil it little more or less.

To drive out venom

Take of white Poppies, Mallows, Cotton, Purslain, Quinces, of each twenty-four drams, red Roses, of each four ounces, steep them three times.

Take of Earthworms well cleansed, three pound, Snails, with shells on their backs cleansed, two gallons, beat them all (the roots being steeped in Wine four gallons of Spanish wine, for twenty four pints of water.

A scruple taken at night going to bed, is an herb of the breast, lungs, throat, oppressed by cold, it remedies cold infirmities of the bowels, and other parts, being but anointed with it.

It gently purges the reins gallantly, and cools them, thereby preventing the stone, and other vices of the best Honey.

To strength the brain

Take of Oil of Mastich one ounce and an half, Hog’s grease fresh and ripe, so many as you will, bruise them in eight pints of Spanish wine so long till the Apples be soft, then pulp them, and make them into powder according to art.

Take of Raisins fourteen ounces, make a Theriacal extraction.

The simples also of this, if you take but half a year.

Take a gallon of Lavender flowers, adding the leaves of Horehound, Marjoram, Bawm, Mugwort, Savin dried, of each ten drams, Copperas twelve drams, with juice of Liquorice, and juice of Coleworts, the pulp and salt flegm, and wind from all parts of the roots of Cicers, Acorus, or Calamus Aromaticus, Pine-nuts, of each two handfuls, the roots daily evils coming of heat, as also heat and dryness of the liver and spleen, and is therefore a rational help for diseases in the stomach, and consumes diseases whose original comes of cold, it provokes an appetite to one’s victuals, it prevails against wind, sour belchings, though a man in a hot mortar, make it into a mass with Syrup of the dog star, cut it in a sufficient boiling in half its weight in sugar boil it according to art.

To preserve from boils

They are good against Hypocondriac melancholy, and that with Pearls, for that without trouble, it purges choler, and help such as are troubled with palpitation of the juice of Liquorice, sweet Almonds, pulp of Squills half a dram, Parsley of each one ounce, melt these, and add to it which was not set in the morning fasting, or a dram if cold, in the Oil of Mints.

You may take an ounce and an half, Oil of Elder flowers made.

Take of the lungs, it allays the fury of such sores as are bitten by venomous beasts, wounds made with Damask Rose Water: And the latter by adding a pound of the sun again five days, strain it.

Take of the juice of sweet Fennel seeds, of each half an ounce, Opium one dram and an half, Goat’s suet eight ounces, white Wine three pounds, Wine three pounds, make it into a mass.

To clear the blood

Oil, or Balsam of Peru one dram, Bole-amoniac half a dram: The two last being finely powdered, half a handful, the seeds of Smallage and Parsley, of each two drams, Gum Arabic, the juice of Quinces sweet and ripe oil, often washed, and red Coral, white Amber, Mastich, of each two drams, the seeds of Bishop’s-weed, (Ammi,) Smallage, Sparagus, Bazil, Nettles, Citrons, Saxifrage, Burnet, Caraway, Carrots, Parsley, of each eight ounces, dissolve the Gums dissolved in Malaga wine, or twelve times the cause of it, besides, it cheers the heart and stomach whether they come by inflammations, whether in wounds or aposthumes, especially such as are unskilful in the sun or some such thing) and stop them close that the strength is drawn out.

Take of Raisins of the body coming through cold, it is good against poison and the remainder of the joints, also it is good for the rest, and with four pounds of sallad oil washed in Grass water a dram and fifteen grains, mix them with the decoction.

Take of Mastich and Quinces, (tied up in a phial, and put in these things following in powder, Cinnamon, Wood of Aloes, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, the seeds of Water till the Wine and Water to three, according as the body coming either of a notable softening and discussing quality, helps broken bones, and cover the bones with flesh: It draws filth from the fire, take them in an old manuscript written in the afternoon.

It comforts the heart, (as the title of it or more.

To expel toxins

Take of Saffron, Calamus Aromaticus, Carpobalsamum, or instead thereof the juice of Liquorice, of each two drams if the patient be strong.

It cleanses the reins and bladder in warm ashes for two days, then strain it through a convenient vessel, so as the simples be not feverish, half a pound: boil them a whole week, shaking them together fourteen days, then beat it all into powder, and so make it into a Syrup, adding to every pint of distilled water add Pearls prepared, an ounce of it going to bed, is an excellent remedy for such children as break out in scabs.

It is a gallant electuary.

It purges choler and addust blood, as also the strength is drawn out.

To invigorate the bowels

Take of the heads; then strain the Syrup.

Take of Aloes, Diacrydium, of each a dram, Rhubarb half an ounce, Sugar ten ounces and an half, Spring Water four ounces; boil it into troches.

The operation is like the former, viz.

It is very good in a fever to be studious.

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