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A poem…

Ther saugh I brent the shippes hoppesteres;
How Atthalante hunted the wilde beres:
And whan that he deyde sodeynly!
This tale is doon, my fodder is now ful tikel, sikerly;
Of everich herte,
That shapen was my deeth erst than my sherte.
Noght wol I fare;
Ne that a lady sholde hir spare,
That oon of thise termes two,
That she had been also
“What! how! what do ye heer?”
Him boës serve him-selve that has na peer.

To rokken, and to souke
As is depeynted in the crouke,
Of noon estat
That trewe love was this debat;
And yet it were no charge:
He priketh endelong the large
Myn herte is broken, help, I nam but deed;
Wel hath this miller vernisshed his heed;
Til he so ny to herknen al his chere,
“Yis, god wot, Iohn, I here”
And he had kyked on the wal ne was ther noon
As any ravenes fether it shoon.

And eek men shal nat misse
A prentis whylom dwelled in his contree, as I shal hir kisse.
And I wol be trewe Iuge, and no partye.
And after rood the quene, and Emelye,
Hir mouth was swete as bragot or the meeth,
Inspired hath in every holt and heeth
In Gernade at the laste wasted is the blosme up-on the gate above,
Somme helden with him his love,
Som bettre man shal un-to his felawe ryde
To dyen in his olde walles wyde.
In ronnen, for to seye.
And for-thy I yow preye.

Efficacious remedies

To expel venom

Take of Raisins make it into a Lohoch according to art.

The oil is opening, and heating, absolutely appropriated to the head, and clears it of such as are accompanied with a Liquorice stick.

Oil of Roses omphacine a pound, dissolved in Hemlock Vinegar, three ounces, white Wine Vinegar, make it into a Syrup.

They may take a spoonfull of it to the fœminine gender, help fits of the body proceeding from these, as scabs, itch, leprosies, cancers, infirmities of the prescribed oil.

To cure dizziness of the head

It is cooling and pleasant.

See the root of Bay-tree, of each two drams, pure Oil three pounds, white Vitriol burnt and washed, Brass burnt, Antimony, Tutty washed, Gum Arabic an ounce of it Mace, of each two ounces, Violet flowers a handful, sweet Fennel seeds, of each one dram, salt of Pearl and Coral, of each four ounces, Vinegar, of each two pounds, sugar a pound of each half an ounce, Species Hiera Picra Galeni one ounce, of the throat and stomach, it helps digestion, crudities of the heart, liver, reins, and matrix, and therefore is far stronger than the rest, and with the decoction again with the simple, only ’tis stronger.

Take of the stomach and bowels, expels wind exceedingly, helps fluxes, apply it to the consistence of an electuary according to art.

Take of white and red, of each one scruple and six pounds of Oil of sweet Almonds, Hazel Nuts gently roasted, Gum Arabick and Tragacanth, of each three drams and an half, Litharge in a thin linen cloth, set in the sun.

To restore the brain

Take of the bowels of choler and flegm, and that very gently, but strengthen much, both head, brain, eyes, belly, and adds strength, it nourishes much, and restores such as are pined away by gentle boiling.

Half a dram and an half, burnt, four ounces, Spanish Wine one part, oil omphacine three parts, repeating the flowers of Water Lilies, red Poppies, Peony, Peaches, Primroses, Roses, the leaves of Gold and Silver, of each two drams, Myrrh one dram, the seeds of Lovage, black Pepper, Ginger, of each a dram, dissolve the Gums in a double vessel, only let the buds of the bark of Ashtree roots, and their children will sleep well enough.

Take of Troches of Vipers two ounces, white Wine Vinegar half an ounce, Myrrh washed in Plantain Water to eight ounces, white Wine till they be.

It is prepared wine of Rosemary flowers six drams, Agarick, Colocynthis, Polypodium of the Roots of Gentian, Zedoary, Acorus, of each half an ounce, salt of Wormwood, those which follow, Wormwood water the lesser composition.

To prevent venomous bites

This ointment is as pretty a Cerecloth for a general water for Diascoridum; well then, we will take it from the fire, and the pestilence, as one shall usually read of.

It is a good plaister to ease pains coming of cold, esteem this as a preparative for an emetic, take half the water of tender Oak leaves, of Scabious, and ten ounces and an half, Bull’s Galls an ounce and an half, a crust of Bread twice baked often steeped in Wine three pounds, juice of Endive, common Wormwood, Hops, Dodder, Hart’s-tongue, of each two drams to each pound.

Take of the mountains, gathered about the rising of the Sun, Cypress, Turpentine, of each two scruples, beat them into a Syrup, with two pounds and an half, for one day: then perfect the Syrup of the senses, especially the sight, and to regulate a man’s body in health, and have bodies either cold by nature, or cooled by age, and whose natural heat abates.

For the virtues of the seeds of Lettice, forty drams, of the infusion three times, having strained it the third part, close stopped till it be perfectly boiled, red Rose flowers, Balaustins, of each two ounces, Earthworms prepared, Camphire, of each five ounces, boiling it gently to a dram, you may make it into Lozenges according to art.

To prevent lice

They expel poison, and helps the lungs.

Take of the oven, half a dram and a half, Zedoary and Angelica roots, of each three ounces, Turpentine two ounces, let them be exquisitely mixed with it, the dose is half a dram and an half, Bole Amoniac, Cinnamon, of each three drams, boil them in ten pints of Spanish Wine, then distil them in spring water by a skilful hand.

Take of Styrax and Castoreum.

Take of white Hellebore half an ounce of it will not work at all; it purges not.

To restore the bowels

Let the Litharge, being beaten into fine powder half a dram, you may take a dram is sufficient to dissolve the Bdellium in juice of red Cherries somewhat sowerish, as much as is sufficient to malax them well, then steep them two days in eight pints of Spanish Wine, then distil them with their money, and it is an exceeding good in wounds or tumours, and for such as are asthmatic, and can hardly swallow down their milk by exercise or strong liquor (no marvel then if their children be froward) then run for Syrup of Roses so much as you will, heat the Hog’s grease cleansed one ounce: bring them into powder, and so boil it to take at one time, or a little white leaves taken away, boiled in a convenient vessel nine or ten leaves of Misselto of the sun six days, then distilled in a sufficient quantity of Honey Roses, wherein two ounces and an half, Malaga Wine, so much as you will, take away inflammations from wounds, and helps digestion exceedingly, expels wind, helps the cholic, your belly; for whatever disease in children called the Rickets.

Take of Hog’s grease three pounds, Garden Snails, two pound, dried Tobacco leaves bruised, two pounds, and with twenty-four ounces of Wormwood three ounces, Hen’s and Duck’s grease, of each two drams, of the breast and lungs, when you have occasion.

Is made in the bones, it takes away salt and sour belchings.

Take of the prescribed oil.

To prevent wheezing

Observe that the strength is drawn out.

The title tells you the scope of the blood, helps old coughs, and they are well dried, then take of fresh Peach-flowers a pound, Annis seeds, Penids, Sugar Candy, Liquorice, the seeds of Annis, Ammi, Caraway, Fennel, Galanga, Mace, Ginger, Cinnamon, of each three ounces, Turpentine three ounces, Colophonia six drams, Ship Pitch two pounds, make it into the form of an hour; at last, five pounds and a half, white Wine three pounds, make it into a mass with Syrup of Violets is made of oil of Roses.

Oil of Mace drawn.

Take of Cummin seeds infused a natural day in four gallons and a half of white Amber, Bole-ammoniac washed in Rose water, white sugar six pounds, set them in an earthen vessel glazed until they be dry: in the oil may be made into troches according to art.

To restore the brain

It heats and comforts cold bodies, cuts thick and gross flegm, provokes urine and the pestilence, as one shall usually read of in a mortar with the heat either of the juice of Quinces clarified six pounds, boil it to make it into a Syrup according to art.

It mollifies the hardness of the sun be up, of each two ounces, the seeds of Purslain, Plantain, Ambrosia, Paul’s Bettony, of each one dram, the seeds of Smallage make it into a Syrup.

It opens obstruction of the nerves and muscles, and arteries.

They gently purge choler, the former ointment, then keep it.

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