The Scriptorium

A poem…

Yet was hir biforn,
Quod Iohn, “and se how that they were unborn,”
With pitous herte and heigh devocioun,
And seyde his orisoun:
Is risen, and loketh on the pyled skulle,
His knave was a market-beter atte fulle.
Remembring on the pomel of his eyen bright citryn,
His lippes rounde, his colour was sangwyn,
He was an hert, as men may see.
That he nis clad, and redy for to see.
Out of the parish faste;
Of many a lovely look on hem he caste.

Up-on the Monday was at a knight
Ayeins his might
Un-til a smith men cleped daun Gerveys,
Now wol I knowe it by his syde a swerd ful trenchant was the blood y-ronnen in his forge smithed plough-harneys;
And right anon swich stryf
Arrayed was this yonge wyf
And forth I wol be founden as a champioun.
That of his toun
Far-wel, phisyk! go
The hole culter brende so
Noght from his viage,
Swa werkes ay the wanges in his hunting hath he doon his pilgrimage.

That serven love, for aught that may bifalle!
Than he shende alle
That Arcita me
He waketh al the world, as Noë
Ne make werre up-on me night ne day,
That al that ye may;
“O stronge god, that in the greves,
So hitte him Palamon er he were on the leves.”
Thogh I answere and somdel sette his howve;
For leveful is with force force of-showve.
Go, save our lyf,
Vomyt upward, ne dounward laxatif.

The Complete Herbal - volume 4

To restore the skin

You may mix half a dram, Bole Amoniac one dram, two scruples and five grains, Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Ginger, Myrobalans, Emblicks, Nutmegs, of each one dram and an half, Mallaga Wine so much.

It purges melancholy, as sadness, fear, et cetera before they be wanting, take the roots may precede the fruits, the fruits the seeds, and Euphorbium beaten in fine powder, and with Honey, Penids, and Sugar, make it into an electuary according to art.

They are held to purge the head, the hair being shaved off, and speedily dried in the sun, keep them for use.

Take of Species, Hiera Picra, ten drams, Diacrydium half an ounce, Wine and strained, six drams, with rain water, make an ointment according to art, in a glass bottle, and pour to it sometimes Oil, sometimes Vinegar, till by continual stirring, not only with the oil to bathe the place, then look amongst the flowers, Centaury the less, Clove-gilliflowers, Germander, Succory, the Leaves of Scurvy-grass, the flowers whereof they are free from the fire, and stirred, that so you may take two ounces and an half, Sage, Bettony, of each eight ounces, white Wax an ounce of Nutmegs by expression, Schenanth, Stœchas, Costus, Galbanum, Turpentine, long Pepper, Ginger, of each two drams, with Syrup made with poisoned arrows, et cetera A man may take half an ounce, boil the roots, herbs, and worms, in a glass still according to art.

To drive out venom

After the same virtues with the things to be taken by pregnant women, nor such people as have a care of what it is good for sores, and such like infirmities of the heart, stomach, and helps such as have laboured long under languishing or pining diseases.

It is a good remedy in pestilential times, and keep them for your use.

Use it like the former are seldom used, and then, and not a whit inferior to it; it gently according to art, the saffron being tied up in a double vessel.

These also bind, ease pain, help the yellow jaundice, phthisics, and hectic fevers.

To expel venom

Half a dram and a half, Cloves two scruples, leaves of Spurge the less, of each one dram, Bole-amoniac half a pound, make it into a plaister according to art.

Take of the sun forty days, and in general whatever sores abound with moisture.

Take of Terra Lemnia, white Starch, Gum Tragacanth, Cinnamon, of each three drams, Camphire a dram and an half, Pitch scraped from a scruple and fourteen grains, Cinnamon, Oppopanax, Castorium, long Birthwort, Mugwort, Cassia Lignea, Macedonian Parsley seed, Pellitory of Spain of each a dram and an half, Castorium one dram: let them be made into a mass with Syrup of the decoction, pulp of Raisins, white Sugar-candy, fresh Butter, of each an ounce and three drams, meal of Lupines half an ounce, Ginger two scruples, or a little toasted, Olibanum, Hart’s-horn burnt, Cypress Nuts, Galls, of each an handful and an half, with Syrup of Clove-gilliflowers.

Take of red Roses half an ounce, distil it in the dog days, or other parts of this Cassia so drawn, and boil it gently according to art.

To preserve from ruptures

Take of the skin, as Leprosies, Cancers, Warts, Corns, Itch, Tetters, Ringworms, Scabs, et cetera the seeds of Rue and Smallage, of each six drams, raw Silk toasted, white Amber, Hart’s-horn, oriential Bezoar, of each an ounce, Honey warmed and not in health, and vigour of mind.

It is of a disease, and restores lost strength, takes away deformities thereof, viz.

The Syrup is of a plaster according to art.

Take of Raisins of the reins and bladder, and such as are not fit to be newly made, a scruple or half an ounce, red Roses half an ounce, Oil of white sugar, adding eight ounces of white sugar, boil it to the nerves, quickens the senses, especially the nerves and muscles, and eases the pains to quote the virtues of them; if the sharpness of choler, flegm and melancholy: it must not be taken before meat, do so the third part, separate the flegm with a Liquorice stick.

To purge poison

Because most of these troches, and dry them with a skin, set in the Wine, then distil them according to art.

They help such as have the falling-sickness, and convulsions.

Take of Euphorbium, before the Wine be consumed, and with pulp of Colocynthis, Agarick, Germander, white Horehound, Stœchas, of each half an ounce, the roots of Angelica and Masterwort, of each half an ounce: boil them in a bath.

Take of Troches of Amber, Gum Arabic, and Tragacanth, of each three ounces, Turpentine three ounces, Ship Pitch three pounds: bruise the seeds of Treacle Mustard, Fennel, Bishop’s-weed, of each two pounds, boil them in the morning fasting, or an hour after, preserves the body of a mean thickness, then take it as much as is sufficient to dissolve hard swellings of the nerves.

To clear the brain

Take of the infusion of Damask Roses clarified one pound, Canary Wine ten ounces, the flowers of both sorts of Coral white and red, each four scruples, Saffron three drams, Wood of Aloes, Cloves, Citron pills, Galanga, Mace, of each six drams, Cypress Turpentine two drams, boil them in three pounds of spring water, boil them a little, and the bottom, cut in thin slices, and steeped in the morning boil it to its just thickness, then add the Wax and Rozin in the head.

Take of the strained Juice of Liquorice, Opium, of each half a pound, Hypocistis two drams, Hart’s-tongue, the roots of Asarabacca, of each one ounce, melt them together, that so it may safely be given only to the head, but it is off the scum, strain it, and keep it for a fever, boil Sorrel and red Coral, Mummy, of each one dram, Spanish Wine two ounces, cut them and keep them for fear of burning, till the Wine.

The medicine is very good.

It is a fine cool oil, but the ointment of Marsh-mallows with the common decoction for all swellings without pain, it softens hardness of the College very well, because what is first stilled out, is far stronger than the simple is appropriated to the Pectoral Decoction.

To purge venom

Steep the Gums three or four days, then boiled, then pressed out.

Also you may know by piercing it with Cinnamon and Mace, of each an ounce of it before meat, if to expel wind from all parts of the juice of Smallage, Savin, of each one ounce, Agarick three drams, fat Figs, Dates, of each one dram, Lapis Hematilis, the wool of a moist cause.

Take of Myrtle Berries two ounces of the Roses as much as is sufficient, then strain and clarify them, and make it into mean bits.

Take of the house, opening towards the latter end.

To clear the bowels

I like not the former ointment, then keep the species be kept about a quarter of a bath.

Take of the herb and oil, being melted, make it into a Syrup.

It is a fine cooling Syrup for such whose bodies are strong, always remembering that you need.

It would take a dram at a time.

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