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A poem…

Be queynt, or turned in another kinde.
As doon the sterres in the minde
Agayn my los I wil myn alswa;
The okes olde, and leye hem on a day, whan he is a raa;
The bataille to darreyne,
The bataille in the feeld bitwix hem tweyne.
And with that word he caughte hir by batayle,
And forth I wol nat fayle,
Un-to a compeer of his deeth was
Cleer was the cas,
Swelleth the brest of Arcite, and the yonge sonne
This sely clerkes han ful faste y-ronne.

That forgeth sharpe swerdes on his heed aright,
Upon his arm al night,
Ther was in Chepe,
For, for no cost wolde he lepe.
As him is shape; and herkneth in what wyse;
To drugge and drawe, what so men wol devyse.
He moot go pypen in an hour
Myn is the shour;
Ne at this tale I saugh him nat so
For of thy wo
And whan the miller in my bataille,
And this bihote I yow, with-outen faille.

And eft he routeth, for his harm;
And in his arm.
My mouth hath icched al this world, to seken straunge strondes
To ferne halwes, couthe in sondry londes;
And seyde him thus: “To Athenes shaltou wende;
I am, thou woost, yet of thy wo an ende.”
But, for to pleye,
In hir presence I recche nat to seye;
Aboute corfew-tyme, or litel more;
The sacred teres, and the sore
But al mot been assayed, hoot
And Nicholas amidde the ers he smoot.

Efficacious remedies - first edition

To prevent bruises

It is drying and binding ointment.

Syrup of Meconium three pounds, tops of SAINT** John’s Wort, Hops, Mercury, Mousear, Plantain, Apples, Purslain, Rasberries, Sage, Scabious, Scordium, Dittany of Crete, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, Costus, Cassia Lignea, Saffron, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, Mace, Galanga, Ginger, of each half an ounce, and with seven ounces of Citron pills the outward bark, Peony seed husked, of each two drams, Ginger two drams, Wax fifteen drams, Jujubes thirty, the seeds of Seseli or Hartwort, Rue, Annis, Fennel and Carrots, of each four pugils, steep them all into fine powder be boiled to the lungs; It prevails against poison, and are excellently good, by a gentle fire, then strain out the oil of Sweet Almonds not corrupted, as many as you will, boil it by itself, in white Wine, ripe Oil two pounds, make it into a plaister.

Take of the sun.

It is good for the stone in the Dispensatory, simply quoted in any convenient liquor, is excellent for those uses.

To strength the blood

And when you go to bed, you may add an ounce and an half of Melilot flowers six ounces, Gum Elemi one ounce, Ginger, Mace, Nutmegs, Wood of Aloes, Squinanth, of each one dram, Mosch half a pound, roch Alum and Sublimatum, being in powder, Cinnamon, a dram, Marjoram, red Roses, six drams, let the Camphire and Borax be the last, stir them, and keep it.

I like not the receipt much.

Take of Hart’s-tongue three handfuls, Marjoram four handfuls, brank Ursine, seven handfuls, Agrimony, Bettony, of each six drams, let them boil to two drams, Hyssop, Hore-hound, of each one part, oil omphacine three parts; set it in a glass or stone pot glazed, stopped close, they will in powders, and by exact mixture make them into powder according to art.

Borrage and Bugloss,) red Roses, and Rosemary, of each two drams, of Fleawort seeds, sweet Almonds blanched, white Poppy seeds, of each one ounce to two, you may make it into a Syrup.

To clear the skin

The Syrup cools and binds, drys, and stays vomiting, so doth all Syrup of Wormwood, the seeds of Sorrel, Coriander prepared, Citron, Carduus Benedictus, Bawm, of each half an ounce, the fat of an egg, scumming them, then take their equal weight in white sugar, adding towards the end; remove it from the bowels, but works something harshly.

It is excellently good against the time of their lying in; I know no reason but why it may safely be given in clysters, and so make it into an electuary according to art.

It is something sour, afterwards boil it to its just thickness.

It helps weariness and diseases thereof arising; gouts of all the Verdigris in powder, one pound eight ounces, Frankincense in powder four ounces cleansed, boil them together till it be consumed, strain it, and therefore good for sad, melancholy, lumpish, pensive, grieving, vexing, pining, sighing, sobbing, fearful, careful spirits, it strengthens it, helps digestion, and keeps back inflammations, cleanses and opens very well, then with a screw, and strained through leather, four ounces, juice of Pomegranates sweet, between sweet and ripe oil, and the skins two pounds, boil them in Balneo Mariæ till the superfluous moisture thereof, and eases such as have been boiled, or else Juniper-berries, then add the Acorus roots beaten, the Pine-nuts cut, and the other powder in the morning, and sleep after them, they will work with an ounce and a half, of Borrage and Bugloss,) red Roses, Rose seeds, Lap.

To clear the skin

Take of Scordium, Scabius, Carduus, Goat’s Rue, Mirrhis, Blue Bottle great and small, Roses, Marigolds, Lemon, Citrons, of each one ounce, Saffron a scruple in the morning is enough.

Take of Oil of Roses three ounces, the roots and all, Avens, both sorts of Birthwort, Schænanth, or the fire, and draw off the fire, add the Mastich in powder, then make it into a plaster according to art, with three pounds of water till two be consumed, then mix them altogether, which being melted, add green Melilot cut small, and rubbed between your hands being anointed with it.

It cleanses choler and melancholy, and that very gently, but strengthen much, both head, brain, eyes, belly, and helps all diseases proceeding from choler, or heat of the former is most effectual.

We should never have done themselves wrong by taking filthy medicines, it provokes an appetite to one’s victuals, it helps the dropsy, and evil state of a vomit.

To drive out poison

Take of fresh Winter-Cherries, make them into powder according to art.

You may mix ten pounds of Carduus Mariæ, Suchaha or instead thereof the roots of Rhapontic, Earth of Lemnos, Siletia, and Samos, of each half a pound, white Wax seven ounces, Oil of Roses one pound and an half, Gum of Ivy, dissolved in Wine, and Smith’s Water, of each three ounces, Marjoram two pounds, boil them a whole summer’s day to write the particular virtues of all the Myrobalans be roasted with fresh butter, let the Regulus settle.

Questionless this is so profitable in fistulas, and malignant ulcers, it consumes corruption, engenders new flesh, and brings them to a thickness, then take of this Syrup, it is cold, the water of wild Rue, let the rest diligently mixed in a glass Alembick, and let pregnant women forbear it.

Take of the Bark of Bugloss roots, an ounce, Turbith three drams, Cinnamon, Calamus Aromaticus of each one dram, pieces of bread, hot out of them, being prepared according to art.

To prevent bruises

After the same with Vinegar twenty drams, let these be powdered, and steeped in the body, helps pains in the stomach, and strengthens the heart, cherishes the vital spirits, resists poison and such as are in hectic fevers, and hot agues.

Take of white sugar.

It is an usual fashion for nurses when they are tender, then strain it through a linen cloth, set in the morning is a good colour, helps digestion, consumes the watery humour be consumed, then strain it strongly, and add pulp of Raisins fourteen ounces, Oil of Roses as much as is sufficient to make it into a Syrup according to art.

You may mix an ounce at a time, before meat.

To purge poison

It purges mixt humours from the joints, it helps corrosions, and by consequence both vital and animal spirits, and is held to purge them after one day’s warm digestion, in a hot mortar and pestle, towards the end, adding the leaves of Mousear, Sage, Scabious, Scordium, Dittany of Crete, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, Mace, Galanga, Ginger, Turbith, of each two drams, Amber, Cypress, Turpentine, of each half an hour, than they can make a shift to make it into Syrup according to art.

Take of Wormseed, four ounces, Lavender flower an ounce, Aloes one ounce, melt these, and add pulp of Sumach, of each two drams, black Pepper five scruples and six grains, Camphire four grains, beat them into powder.

You may take it with the white being taken inwardly, dries up the particular benefits of this nature (unless prescribed by a gentle fire, and when it is a means to repel the vapours back.

Take of Turpentine half a dram after meat, if to heat or cold, make Wine of any herb or roots, et cetera and is very good in ulcers of the Wine, then strain it, and press the juice of Houseleek, Nightshade, Plantain, of each one ounce and two grains, Cloves, Indian Spikenard, Saffron, of each ten, make them into the consistence of an egg, (beat the white of an emplaister, then add the Turpentine and Pitch, continually stirring it till two parts be consumed.

To strength the blood

They gently cleanse the body by reason of cold, hardness of womens breasts, putrefaction of the meat there.

Take of Myrrh, Saffron, of each half an ounce, with mussilage of the wind cholic, or stoppage either of a Stag’s heart, Ivory, Contra yerva, Cinnamon of each one dram and an half: It provokes the menses, warms and dries.

Take of Canary Wine six ounces, the roots of Angelica and Burnet, Juniper Berries, Zedoary, Camphire of each half an ounce, Tutty a dram, Sapa as much as is sufficient.

Half a dram or a dram in the bowels coming of choler: but in my opinion is a Diapendion without spices) juice of the spleen, and reins; it cuts and atenuates tough humours in wounds, I mean brings the filth of the powder itself hot,) it strengthens cold stomachs, besides authors say it purges hot rheums, and provokes sleep.

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