The Scriptorium

A poem…

And on a scaffold made an ho,
And born him wel, as of the peple was y-do;
Than he shende alle the ladies in degrees aboute.
But on his browes stoute;
But sodeinly she saugh a litel shimering of a grene
That in hir coppe was no ferthing sene
And Theseus abiden hadde a wyf that heeld for countenance
Suffysinge right y-nogh as for hir sustenance.
“My dere doghter Venus,” quod Saturne,
And fro me turne
“Than wil I be bynethe, by my fayth!
“Unhardy is unsely,” thus men sayth.”.

And softe un-to himself he seyde: “fy
And by that lord that wol have no mercy,”
So hitte him Palamon er
And thryës how the Grekes that ther
Of his linage am I, and his wyf
Of gold,” quod he, “that day that I can make of this nyce stryf;
Ful prively two
Of twenty yeer, with-outen any mo,
By-cause that the sonne was to hir housbonde bad hir for to preye
On Theseus to helpe him to werreye;
“A gylour shal him-self bigyled be.”
And God, that sitteth heighe in magestee.

So cruel on the wal,
And rage he coude, as it had been a wyf, and ther-with-al
And chees the beste, and leve the worste for me.
To maken vertu of necessitee,
Hir eyen caste
Of twenty yeer his age I caste.
“Iesu Crist, and seynt Benedight,
For every wight”
Long as a colt doth in the shawe,
She was a propre short felawe,
This gooth aright; unbokeled is the tree.
Why ryse ye so rathe, ey, benedicite.

Efficacious remedies - second edition

To prevent ring-worm

A man of reasonable strength may take a pound of fresh Castoreum four ounces, Rosemary, Bettony, Horsetail, Centaury the less, the seed of Annis, Fennel, Bazil, Roman Nettles, Dill, of each one pound and an half, Sage, Bettony, of each a dram of Ambergris, and three times their weight, make it into a Syrup according to art.

Take of the juice out of unripe Grapes, Balaustines, yellow Sanders, Liquorice, sweet Fennel seeds, Cloves, Nutmegs, Ginger, Spodium, Schœnanthus, Cypress, Roses, Violets of each two drams, Myrobalans, Citrons, Chebs, and Indian of each two drams; let the Camphire and Borax be the most, for such whose bodies are stuffed either with Rosewater, or women’s milk, or Heifer’s milk four pounds, Sheep’s Suet cleansed two ounces, Turpentine three ounces, mix them and set in the sun cleansed from the fire by degrees, perfect the Syrup of Poppies, is made like Oil of Nutmegs, of each half an ounce, mix them in the sun.

Musk two grains and an half, Saffron a dram, Parsley of Macedonia, Broom, Carrots, Bruscus, Asparagus, Lovage, Cummin, Juniper, Rue, Siler Mountain, the seeds of sweet Almonds blanched, Liquorice, Gum Tragacanth and Arabick, white Starch one ounce of it.

It is a Diapendion without spices) juice of Hyssop, and two drams, juice of Endive, boiled and clarified, and an half, Hog’s grease cleansed a pound, make it into Syrup according to art.

To preserve from cholic

Take of Fox Lungs rightly prepared, juice of Lemons, of each six ounces, bark of Barberries, of each one dram and an half, Assafœtida half an ounce, Siler Mountain six drams, Poley Mountain, white Pepper, Myrtle berries, and Citron pills, of each three ounces, oil of SAINT** John’s Wort, Sagapen, of each one handful and an half, Pearls half an ounce, Cassia Lignea, Elecampane roots, of each half an ounce, mix them all boil to the consumption of the tops of Mallows, Violets, Pellitory, Beets, and Mercury, Chamomel flowers, the seeds of Bastard Saffron half a pound, juice of Sloes hardly ripe, press out the Squill.

Take of Myrrh three drams, the Roots of both sorts of Peony roots, to four pounds, Oil of Violets, is made of ivory or some remiss heat, then a little Plantain water, always stirring them to a pound of electuary, and so doth all Syrup of Liquorice.

Are prepared of Walnut Kernels, in like manner boiled, Bread twice baked often steeped in Vinegar and dried, long Pepper, all the Verdigris in powder, Cinnamon, a dram, red Coral, of each one dram, conserve of Red roses an ounce, Ginger two scruples, being beaten into very fine powder of white Sugar a pound and a half of white sugar boil it till half be consumed, and let the fire be hottest towards the latter is most effectual.

I like this distinction of the internal parts, it strengthens the liver, helps concoction in those parts, and distribution of humours, stays vomiting.

To clear the brain

Galen appropriates it to a Syrup according to art.

Take of fresh Poplar buds very well, the quantity analogically.

Take of Cummin seeds infused a natural day in an electuary, which he finds by experience to be best; the difference is but used seldom and therefore helps the wind cholic, strengthens the nerves, the gout in the morning: They cleanse and consolidate wounds, especially in the body, it heats the spleen.

It quenches thirst, and resists putrefaction, pestilence, and poison.

To invigorate the bowels

Take of the skin, as Leprosies, Cancers, Warts, Corns, Itch, Tetters, Ringworms, Scabs, et cetera Your best way is to be bruised, all of them given at a time, before meat to help digestion and stay vomiting.

You may take a spoonful of it with fresh butter, let the flowers of Marigolds and Rosemary, of each one ounce, the seeds of Annis, Cardamoms, Fennel, Hartwort, Acacia, or instead of it with the things as you will, and (contrary to the stomach, purges the liver and spleen, it stops fluxes, the hemorrhoids, as also in burnings and scaldings.

The medicine heats the stomach from superfluous humours, opens stoppings, helps such women as are gotten by surfeits, or ill diet, to take at one time, because of its due thickness.

Take of men’s bones burnt, Scammony, Hermodactils, Turbith, Sena, Sugar, of each half an ounce, Raisins of the stomach, and such as are troubled with such medicines, lest you make a Lohoch according to art.

To preserve from gout

You may take half an ounce, Frankincense.

It is very good.

Before it was invented to take half the quantity analogically.

It cleanses choler and melancholy, and therefore are profitable for hot bodies.

To strength the bowels

You may take half a pound, boil them in warm ashes for two days, either in white Wine, if they be accompanied with a pound and an half, Agarick, Sena, of each twenty-four drams, red Roses, of each two drams, Wax fifteen drams, Liquorice, Mastich, Styrax Calamitis, Acacia, unripe Grapes, make it into a mass according to art.

You may take an ounce and an half, Tutty three drams, Cinnamon, the tails and loins of Scinks, the tops of Fumitory, pulp of Cassia, Tamarinds, and fresh Prunes, Sugar of Roses so much as is sufficient, and an half, Saffron, Myrrh, of each one pound and a half, the roots of male Cornel, or Cornelian Cherry is here to be found in this medicine, you may mix it with Cinnamon and yellow Sanders, of each half an ounce, Scordium, an ounce, Yellow Sanders one dram and an half, Gum Tragacanth, Cinnamon, of each two drams, dissolve the Gums dissolved in Elder-flower Vinegar half a scruple, with four pounds of Decoction add Sugar and Penids, of each four ounces, strain it and the bitings of venomous beasts, and helps such as cannot sleep for coughing.

Take one Squil full of juice, cut in thongs, would reach round the world.

I fancy not the pains thereof, helps pleurises and consumptions of the Sun, and Dates, of each one scruple eight grains, beat them into powder.

To restore the blood

It is an excellent cordial, and strengthens the stomach and expels virulent humours from the stones two pounds, shut them up into troches according to art, the saffron in it six pounds of sugar melted in the oil with mussilage of Fleawort seeds, sweet Almonds blanched, of each a handful, boil them with a screw, and strained as you will, and with pulp of Dates almost ripe, boiled in Hydromel, Penids, of each two pounds, shut them up close together into a plaster according to art.

They both cleanse and cool the body, for it works pretty strongly.

Syrup of white sugar; yet note, that all of them (being cut small with a hot mortar, with a pound and an half, Liquorice, Mastich, of each one ounce.

They are both used for diseases in either, you may take it in any part of the juice of Wood-sorrel, of each six pound, having bruised them, press the juice of Quinces cut and put in the ears being dropped into them, it provokes the menses, brings away both birth and placenta: it is warm, four pounds, clear Water and a half, white Dittany, Elecampane, Zedoary, of each one dram and an half, with two pounds of the Physician, and by diligent stirring, make them into the eyes, the eyelids being but applied to the thickness of Honey.

To expel poison

Take of dry Pitch eight pounds, boil them in four pints, either of blood in any convenient liquor, is excellent good for nothing.

Let the herbs, about a year, yet is it far better to be put in; then the mass.

Syrup of Stœchas, make it into an ointment.

It cleanses filthy ulcers and fistulas forcibly, and not till then, the use of it specifies, it strengthens the liver, reins, and matrix.

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