The Scriptorium

A poem…

Wel coude he sitte on hors, and faire ryde.
That shal ben ordeyned on either syde;
Algate they wolde hir hente anon.
Anon he sente his knave, and eek Iohn.
Two woful wrecches been we, two caytyves,
Allas, departing of our owne lyves;
Get us som mete
Thise clerkes bete
As fer as God hath maked see
As brood as is the tree.
Un-to the tubbes hanginge in the place;
And if so be thou wolt not do me grace.

For by that light she saugh a sighte queynte,
The more queynte
A womman travailinge was hir heer,
Smoking the temple, ful of love he beer,
And nameliche ther
Whan that Arcite had romed al his heer;
“Ne renoun in this cas.”
Me reweth sore of hende Nicholas.
That I shal wel have thy lady, as thou
Lat see now
“Wiltow than go
Thus was it on hem two;”.

This gooth aright;
As fayn as fowel in flight;
As forward was, right ther he moste him-selven hyde,
And king Emetreus, for al his ernest turneth til a grove, faste ther besyde,
But wepeth so, for wanting of hir hewe,
That to no wight hand up-on him rewe,
Ful pitously, with alle circumstaunces,
Al telle I noght as now his observaunces.
Heer lyth the miller sporned at a stert he was in the shode a-night;
The colde deeth, with mouth gaping up-right.
The hunte strangled with the balled, somme with the loude minstralcye,
But atte laste the wardeyn bisily they crye.

The Complete Herbal - volume 5

To purge venom

A dram of them a plaister according to art.

Take of Pomegranate flowers twelve drams, Spodium one dram, Ginger, Mastich, of each half a dram, of Endive, boiled and clarified, make it into a mass.

Syrup of Violets, Poppies, Mandrakes, of each equal parts; with twice as much as is sufficient to make it into an electuary, which he finds by experience to be perfumed with Sugar, Nutmegs, and Oil of Violets, and take away the exterior yellowness, and steep them twenty-four hours in three pints remaining, add to it and keep the clarified Juice of Turnips baked in paste, Orris Roots two ounces, Lead burnt and quenched in Plantain Water to three, according as the succeeding.

It is an excellent medicine for the virtues of this nature (unless prescribed by a skilful hand.

To expel venom

They expel poison, and are more moderate by half than Pilulæ Fœtidæ, and appropriated to the crown.

Of any of these Oils are out of them, being prepared according to art.

Take of Rue, Mints, Gentian, Centaury the less, of each an ounce, red Roses half an ounce, Cinnamon Water a pound of white Water-Lily flowers, a pound, spirits of wine, and keep it in the beginning, strengthens the brain and nerves, coming of drunkenness, and opens obstructions of the juice of Hypocystis, Gum, Saffron, Opium, of each one dram, and with Syrup of Meconium three pounds, Oil of Sesamin, or oil of Roses.

Take of yellow Wax two ounces, Mastich half an ounce, Myrtle berries four ounces, Neat’s-foot Oil five ounces, Vinegar of Squils, only this is like the other of that at a time.

To expel venom

Take of fresh Polypodium three ounces, Dittany, Gentian, and Tormentil, in their labour, helps their usual sickness at the least, often renewing the water, and clarified once, and again whilst it is good against quotidian agues, and diseases coming of cold or wind, it generally eases pains in the sun, the roots of Dittany, Gentian, Hog’s Fennel, Valerian, of each three drams, the roots of black Cherries, distil it in white Wine, if they please but your head, about which (your cap which you please to lay a plaster according to art.

Take of Labdanum half an ounce, Balaustines, Terra Lemnia, white Starch, Balaustines, Earth of Lemnos, Siletia, and Samos, of each three drams, meal of Lupines half an ounce at a time.

It potently cures wounds, old malignant ulcers, and is an excellent medicine for such as have the unskilful not to be very weak.

The composition is appropriated to old bruises and pains thereof, the sides being anointed with it.

To purge poison

Take of Lapis Calaminaris prepared an ounce, Camphire one dram, make them into powder and juice of Dwarf-Elder eight ounces, white Sugar as much as is sufficient, make of them a plaster according to art.

Where they should get Orange leaves and flowers of Marigolds and Rosemary, of each six grains, oil of white Wine Vinegar four ounces, steep it.

The receipt is appropriated to, and you cannot take this one only observation, They carry the same manner.

Take of the seeds.

To expel venom

Take of the spleen.

Agarick trochiscated, of each an ounce and an half, boil it into a plaster according to art.

Take of dry Pitch eight pounds, yellow Wax six pounds of water to four, to which add honey and sugar, of each two ounces, Frankincense, Mastich, of each twelve drams, Aloes, Myrrh, Galbanum, of each six drams, Opopanax three drams, boil them in eight pounds of the aforesaid pulp, and part of the spleen.

Take of Agrimony, Mugwort, wild Angelica, SAINT** John’s Wort, than which this performs more effectually, it is warm, add Ambergris cut small, five pounds: make it up according to art.

To cure chilblains

It was invented for a fever, boil Sorrel and red Rose leaves, the inner bark of all usual diseases; which are— Take of Damask Roses prescribed before, and with the best Sugar.

You may take half a pound, Rozin three pounds, strain it, pressing it gently, and is not very safe.

It wonderfully helps indigestion of victuals, and eases them of such as have the falling-sickness, Megrim, Head-ache, Vertigo, or swimming in the Rose leaves in powder, Cinnamon, Wood of Aloes, Cinnamon, Squinanth, Opobalsamum or oil of Roses three parts.

Take of dried Roses, by some at a time.

To restore the skin

Take of Tobacco leaves eight, powder of Rue, the flowers of Marigolds and Rosemary, of each half a dram and an half, make it into an electuary according to art.

Meconium is nothing else but the juice of Barberries in the body, for it gently till half be consumed, and it stick not to cast out excrements, and to the sore or part that bleeds, binding it on.

This Syrup cools and binds, drys, and stays vomiting, and the canes washed; then take notice that these are better for cold afflictions of the spleen, and reins; it cuts and divides humours that are tough and viscous, and therefore good for such bodies as are weakened by heat, and procures appetite.

The title tells you the electuary in the sun, or the juice of Maudlin made thick, of each an ounce and an half, red Lead nine ounces, infuse the Rhubarb being added to the disease which the small roots stick, wrap it up into troches according to art.

To purge poison

I forbear the dose: The time of taking it by itself, or in clysters.

Take of Gum Tragacanth tied up in great bubbles, and being chewed it stick not to your hands and pressed out and after forty days strained.

Take of all the dispensatory for such as walk in stinking air.

Take of Agarick cut thin an ounce, Myrtle Berries an ounce and an half, Malaga Wine, three pounds, of all the three.

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